Opportunity Meets Incentive

Promoting a strong business presence within our region’s borders benefits our entire business community, our citizens and our state. To induce job creation and investment in our region, Statesville Regional Development may offer incentive grants to offset development costs associated with a business location or expansion. These grants can be applied to the cost of environmental studies, clearing, grading, storm water mitigation, water/wastewater/power line extensions, power substation design and construction, and road construction.

Incentives vary based on each particular situation. For example, incentives may be provided for location and expansion of a specific business or industry where increases in employment, tax bas, and/or utility usage are immediate and measurable. To be considered for an incentive, applicants must be a business or industry locating or expanding within the Statesville Region or willing to petition for annexation into our corporate limits. The business must be willing to guarantee job creation and above average wages, and meet certain investment thresholds.

Incentive Criteria

In general, incentive packages are based on the following criteria:

Incentive Contribution Parameters

Statesville Region incentives must be used in a consistent manner with G.S. 158-7.1. In addition, the following parameters will define levels of contribution.

Requesting Incentives

To request industrial development incentive awards, a company must:

For more information on our corporate and industrial business incentives, please contact the Statesville Regional Development office at 704.871.0062 or at