Written By: Davis, Nancy. City of Statesville, Public Affairs Director. July 7, 2017.


Statesville City officials announced a major economic development project today – Larkin Regional Commerce Park.  The 1,020-acre site sits southeast of Statesville off 1-77 at exit 45, and is poised to become the region’s hub for industrial and advanced manufacturing and e-commerce.   The estimated market value of the project is $650 million and has the potential to create 3,400 jobs over the next 10-15 years.

“The potential is astounding,” said Statesville Mayor Costi Kutteh, “and it’s taken ten years to get here”, referring to Larkin’s beginnings in 2007 as a proposed residential and commercial development.  “The recession hit and Larkin – as well as the rest of the world – went dark.”  But City leaders never stopped working to revitalize the project.

With significant  improvements being made to the two interstates that run through Statesville and major investments in the expansion of the Statesville Regional Airport and improvements to the infrastructure, officials kept looking for the right partners to develop the area.  Statesville already had a relationship with The Keith Corporation at the Statesville Business Park and was thrilled when it, along with the Scott Development Group and LandDesign, two other trusted partners, gave Larkin new life.

Senator Thom Tillis was on hand for the announcement  and shared in the community’s excitement.  “The size and scope of Larkin … will not only drive economic growth locally, but will serve as a platform for the regional economy and will be a boost to the entire state of North Carolina,” he told the audience.

“I know there is more work to be done for airport improvements, highway interchanges, FEMA grants and other areas where the Federal partnership has a role, too … We will work together in Washington along with your state and local leaders to support and reinforce the public infrastructure foundation behind the private investments driving this new economic engine called Larkin.”

U.S. Congressman Ted Budd issued his congratulations and praise to the City “for creating an environment where businesses and entrepreneurs want to invest and become a part of the community.” He, together with U.S. Congresswoman Virginia Foxx, expressed their enthusiasm and support for the project.

“I’m very excited for Statesville and the whole region to see a job creator of this magnitude coming your way,” said Foxx.


Plans for the site include five-million square feet of industrial development and 750,000 square feet of commercial/retail featuring retail, restaurants, hotel and supporting amenities.

“If you come to the Charlotte area and want to do business, we will have the corner on that market now,” said Mayor Pro Tern Michael Johnson, who with Council Member William Morgan, worked diligently to keep the project alive.  “We have the optimum spot to do business.  Statesville truly is where it all comes together.”


NEXT STEPS: Over the next several months, City officials and Larkin Regional Commerce Park developers will iron out a development agreement to determine appropriate zoning and restrictions for the property.  The Park will be architecturally controlled and the Keith Corporation has provided a drawing to demonstrate its intentions for high quality construction.


Larkin Regional Commerce Park developers will work with the City of Statesville, Statesville Regional Development and N.C. Commerce officials to recruit tenants for the property.


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