Statesville Regional Development Launches New Website


StatesvPicture1ille Regional Development unveiled its new website during today’s Committee of 100 board meeting. The new site was developed for SRD by Burke Communications of Charlotte and updates a website which was created in 2012.

“Web technology changes quickly, said SRD’s interim director John Marek. “Our policy is to make minor updates on an annual basis and completely re-do the site utilizing the most current technology every 3-4 years.”
The new site is built on a responsive WordPress infrastructure and features many enhancements that make information easier for visitors and potential clients to find and use. The “responsive”  aspect means that the website senses what type of device is being used and automatically adapts itself for ease of viewing. Responsive websites also “score” higher with search engines like Google, making the site easier for potential clients to locate and improving its overall visibility.

“Twenty years ago, economic development marketing was about receiving written or telephone inquires and sending out packets of information in the mail. Today, site selection professionals, businesses and recruiters use the internet almost exclusively to find, pre-qualify and evaluate potential locations. If you do not have a strong web presence with factual information in a format that is easy to find and use you will be eliminated from the process before you even knew you were being considered.”

You can visit the new website at

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